Dr. Myles always has a moment to chat

Dr. Myles always has a moment to chat - to double check on the work he has done or ask about my garden. It is a small office. The staff has been around a long time. Kelly at the front desk remembers what time I like to come in. The hygienist is thorough and gentle. I have never waited more than 3 minutes to see either the dentist or hygienist. I have never felt rushed when asking questions or describing symptoms. Dr. Myles was patient, careful and good hummored through my 6 hour root cannal. (Another dentist said the tooth could not be saved - it was in BAD shape.) When the last of the tooth cracked, Dr Myles laughed and explained that it was one week shy of 5 years so I had no fee for the work he had to do. Dr. Myles is honest and obviously takes pride in doing his job well. He and the staff remember you, your special needs and even your dogs' name. (yes, Kelly is a dog lover!)