Pleasant, Professional

"Pleasant, Professional, Friendly" 8-06-2009

I’ve been a patient forever, since the practice was Virginia Hill Dental Team in Midtown. It was worth following the group to Toco Hills; they’re not just people who work on my teeth—I know them personally. I always ask for the latest news on Dr. Williams’ inventions and creative projects; I hear about Michele’s cats; for years, Kelly and I shared photos of our guinea pigs!

I never have time to open a magazine when it’s time for my appointment. Everything stays on schedule. Dr. Williams is careful and conservative; he’s been watching a tooth for a long time rather than just calling for a procedure that I can avoid a while longer. Michele has a soft touch and can pick and scrape without causing pain; I’ve nearly dozed off in the chair. And Kelly makes billing a stress-free experience.

The facility is clean, comfortable and attractive, and they even have ceiling-mounted TV if you need video distraction!