This procedure provides the same benefits as dentures with a big difference in terms of comfort and natural feeling, because they become part of you. Also, with appropriate care and hygiene routine, you will enjoy of a dental procedure that can last a lifetime.

Implants are more expensive than dentures and they require a considerable investment of time. The appropriate candidate for this procedure is in good health, enjoys healthy gums and has enough bone to support the implants.

As a candidate for dental implants, you must commit to a good oral hygiene and regular visits to the doctor. Implants as dental procedures are possible thanks to extensive research over the years.

They are an artificial tooth root, usually made of titanium, placed beneath the gums.

Once the implant has merged to the bone and heals, your new tooth will be attached to it. The latter is accomplished by placing an abutment (a small connector) in the implant and then attaching a crown to the abutment.

The crown is your new tooth, which has been fabricated by your dentist to match the color and bite of your teeth. Implants are a surgical procedure and because of that, you will probably experience some discomfort after they are performed.

However, these are minors discomforts which can usually be treated with over the counter pain relievers.