Prompt friendly service in a comfortable atmosphere


Very Kind and Professional

Friendly staff, efficient service

A very well run dental practice in the heart of Midtown. Friendly, personalized service. Top-notch dental care.

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Great place
Dentist can be hard to find and a lot of offices are not very sterile. I have not had any serious problems but I will say the atmosphere is nice, TV's to watch while getting dental work, very sterile, very nice.

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Dr. Williams is out, but his sub, Dr. S, is quite good. They are very attentive to technique -- good handwashing and latex free gloves. Great for someone with allergies like myself. I'm very grateful I found this little office.

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Clean & convenient, Atlanta Dental Arts, formerly Virginia Hill Dental Team, has always taken great care of me and gone the extra mile every time.

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Dr. Myles always has a moment to chat - to double check on the work he has done or ask about my garden. It is a small office. The staff has been around a long time. Kelly at the front desk remembers what time I like to come in. The hygienist is thorough and gentle. I have never waited more than 3 minutes to see either the dentist or hygienist. I have never felt rushed when asking questions or describing symptoms. Dr. Myles was patient, careful and good hummored through my 6 hour root cannal. (Another dentist said the tooth could not be saved - it was in BAD shape.) When the last of the tooth cracked, Dr Myles laughed and explained that it was one week shy of 5 years so I had no fee for the work he had to do. Dr. Myles is honest and obviously takes pride in doing his job well. He and the staff remember you, your special needs and even your dogs' name. (yes, Kelly is a dog lover!)

"Pleasant, Professional, Friendly" 8-06-2009

I’ve been a patient forever, since the practice was Virginia Hill Dental Team in Midtown. It was worth following the group to Toco Hills; they’re not just people who work on my teeth—I know them personally. I always ask for the latest news on Dr. Williams’ inventions and creative projects; I hear about Michele’s cats; for years, Kelly and I shared photos of our guinea pigs!

I never have time to open a magazine when it’s time for my appointment. Everything stays on schedule. Dr. Williams is careful and conservative; he’s been watching a tooth for a long time rather than just calling for a procedure that I can avoid a while longer. Michele has a soft touch and can pick and scrape without causing pain; I’ve nearly dozed off in the chair. And Kelly makes billing a stress-free experience.

The facility is clean, comfortable and attractive, and they even have ceiling-mounted TV if you need video distraction!

“Highly Satisfied!” - Jul 28, 2009

I've been going to Dr. Williams for years. Everyone is wonderful Dr. Williams, Michelle, Kelley...they all make a wonderful team providing top knotch quality service in the most comfortable, clean environment. No pain, just comfort!

"Absolutely the best Dentist and Staff in Atlanta!" 6-15-2009,

After searching all over the city, I finally found a dental office where I am absolutely comfortable. The environment is nice and clean and the dentist does exceptional work. Finished my Invisalign here and no complaints. Love it! One stop shop implants, crowns, root canals, bridges, invisalign etc....

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